Traceability without detours

hg medical sources its raw materials from approved and audited suppliers only. Raw material is the only sourced part of the products leaving our house. Our fully digitalizied production routers allow us to trace every product through the entire production process with a finger tip. We can act acurate and fast if we need to trace products. Immediately!

Industry 4.0 at hg medical

When we introduced GEWATEC as our production planning and routing software in 2018, hg medical made another big step into the Industry 4.0 world. Every single process, manual or automated, is integrated in the system. Fully digitilzied, reducing paper on the shopfloor to a minimum. This gives us the opportunity to trak, control and measure every single process with all necessary process parameters.

As the next step, we started to connect measuring devices, meters and gauges digitally with the Gewatec system. Typing or writing errors are eliminated, parameter heat maps or tolerance graphs are visiable in real time to the employees and stored digitally.